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Naturaleza, Masages, Paz y Mas!

Jungalow Grande in Cabuya

Ensconced in tranquility...

In hotel el Ancla de oro in Cabuya you can stay in rustic jungalows set in lush gardens where the only noise is provided by nature, the roars of the howler monkeys
the rustle of iguanas or the screeches of birds and parrots in the trees.

IIn the surrounding of hotel el Ancla de Oro in Cabuya you can explore Cabo Blanco Reserve, take a refreshing dip in the natural pools of the Lajas River, hike to hidden waterfalls,Go horseback riding to the water-falls of Montezuma, snorkel from the shores of Cabuya Island, try your luck fishing with the locals, or simply relax in a hammock and let nature come to you.
This is a secluded place to relax and enjoy nature at its fullest!

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